Every organization has a story. Here are some we’ve worked with to help them tell it.

The John Burton Foundation
The John Burton Foundation does work we really admire, helping Foster Youth make the transition to adulthood and independence. So we were honored to be able to help them get their story out to a broader audience.


Virgin America
A small, dedicated group of people had a dream of remaking the American airline industry. But launching Virgin America was an uphill battle fraught with drama and adversity. When the airline finally launched in 2007, Virgin America asked Bread and Butter Films to create a video capturing their triumphant struggle.

“’Taking Flight’ brought tears to the eyes of all of the founders, and has served as constant inspiration to the following waves of team members who have joined Virgin America.” 

Fred Reid
Founding CEO, Virgin America



Catholic Charities CYO
Catholic Charities CYO is one of the largest non-profit service agencies on the West Coast, serving more than 40,000 people every year. Their programs change the lives of children, families in crisis, single parents, the homeless, the elderly and disabled, those living with HIV/AIDS, refugees and immigrants. When CCCYO celebrated their 100th anniversary they needed a video to commemorate the event. Since then, Bread and Butter has produced a number of short films about their work.


Bonny Doon Vineyards
Located in Santa Cruz, California, Bonny Doon Vineyards has shaken up the world of wine with its cutting edge viniculture and eccentric marketing. When Bonny Doon wanted to teach wine drinkers why screw caps are better than corks, Jason Cohn of worked with Kikim Media to produce a 10-minute musical comedy that was widely distributed.